When the rubber meets the river : 6PPD quinone

Every year the equivalent of 186,000 whole tires flow into the SF Bay each year in the form of tire wear particles. 6PPD quinone (6PPD-q) is a transformation product of 6PPD, which is contained in tire rubber. as an antioxidant agent. Recently 6PPD-q been linked to massive mortalities of Coho Salmon, especially in urban areas. Jackie Lang, a PhD student, aims to assess the toxicity and sublethal effects of this newly discovered chemical on species of conservation concern, such as Chinook Salmon, Steelhead Trout, Longfin Smelt, Delta Smelt and Coho Salmon.

Jackie Lang poses over her juvenile Steelhead behavioral study. The fish are placed into clear bowls and recorded for 15 minutes. These videos are later analyzed with Ethovision software.

Post Doctoral Student Louise Cominassi directs undergraduate Dylan Lin during a swim test on the exposed Steelhead. Here, fish are first tested for swimming proficiency then weighed and measured.