Science In Action

Tagging is a team sport! Louise, Cassandra and Andrea all work together to tag Chinook Salmon.

Left: Cassandra and Andrea, Middle: Louise, Right: Louise and Andrea

Right: Louise and Dylan test the swim performance of juvenile Coho Salmon. The swim tunnel works by slowly increasing the flow of water as the fish are swimming.
Pictured (from left): Louise Cominassi, Jackie Lang, Andrea Chandler and Dylan Lin

The Segarra Lab volunteering with The California Collaborative Fisheries Research program (CCFRP) in the beautiful Bodega Bay

Jackie Lang (PhD Student) holding a rockfish!

Right: Chinook are exposed to Bifenthrin, a common insecticide found in the California Bay-Delta System.

Above: Cassandra and Breanna measure the thermal tolerance of the exposed Chinook.

Dr. Segarra and Andrea camping together during a trip to the field!